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Broken Bat
Part 2 in the "Prey" Series



Our dark maiden investigates the disappearance of her ally, SilverBat, when she's ambushed by Harlequin and her clown-masked henchmen. Outnumbered, out heroine is unable to hold off her attackers. Harlequin plans to hand her captive over to Black Skull to gain his favor...but not before she and her clown posse have some fun!

Includes: Gas Attack, Choking, Face Hits, Bearhug, Bat-to-Back, Stomach Blows, Groping, Costume Destruction, AOH, Sim-Sex, Sim BJ, Sim Spitroast, Topless Nudity, Fake Fluids, Unmasking, Chloro Attack, Cradle Carry, F/F Fondling, Nipple Sucking, M/F Fondling, Ball Gag & Nipple Clamps (briefly) Light Flogging, and more!


Runtime: 46 minutes

Category: Parody


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