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Fallen Angel:
The Darkest Place - Part 1


"Superiorgirl" awakens in captivity. To the surprise of both her and her captors, she survived her harrowing ordeal, but is still Lena's prisoner. Superiorgirl takes her chance to try and escape, but is thwarted by Lena, her lieutenant, Otis, and their henchmen. They reward Superiorgirl's escape attempt with brutality and humiliation...but Lena has bigger plans in store.

Contains: Flashback, Chain Bondage, Power Dampening, X-Cross Bondage, Electric Torture, Low Blows, Face Hits, Stomach Blows, Backbreakers, Bearhugs, Knee-to-Face, Headbutts, Choking, Back Punishment, Green-K Peril, Sleepy Heroine, Inner Voice, Groping, Sim-Oral, B/G Sim-Sex, Sim-Money Shot. Runtime: 37 minutes


Category: Parody

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