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Fallen Angel:
The Darkest Place - Part 3



The Conclusion!

Superiorgirl is seemingly tamed by her captors, as Lena offers the heroine to her henchman for their pleasure. Superiorgirl has other plans as she tries one final last ditch attempt to win her freedom...and pays the price for failure.

After a group beatdown, the broken heroine reluctantly agrees to service the men while Lena looks on and taunts her.

Finally, in the film's extended epilogue, Lena's final plan for Superiorgirl is revealed, as she finds herself buried alive. However, Lena has made sure her captive will not "Rest In Peace". Rather, she's set to "Rest In Punishment" for the rest of her days.

Includes: Beat down, Low Blows, Face Hits, Stomach Kick, Bearhugs, Knee-to-Gut, Headbutts, Choking, Green-K Peril, Pink-K Peril, Inner Voice, Forced Kissing, Groping, Group Sim-Oral, Group B/G Sim-Sex, Costume Destruction, Topless Nudity, Group Sim-Money Shot, Neck-Snap, Buried Alive.

Runtime: 56 minutes, including extended epilogue!

Category: Parody


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