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Dark Maiden: The Trap


Dark Maiden, ally to the Dark Avenger, is sent to investigate a report of a drug deal in progress. Little does she know that the it was a trap set for the Dark Avenger, himself! Dark Maiden now faces two of the Dark Avenger’s greatest foes, Mercy and Professor Nightmare. And these villains want to use her to send a message to the Dark Avenger; Sending sidekicks to fight in his place will not be tolerated!  


Dark Maiden, having been captured by Mercy and Dr. Fear, is tortured as the supervillains try to break her will, all in an attempt to prove to their arch enemy, and Dark Maiden's mentor, the Dark Avenger, that he should never send his proteges to fight his battles! Now, Dark Maiden must try to withstand the villains' relentless assault on her mind and body. Finally, the villains place the heroine on an erotic pleasure machine, inform her that, if she erotic pleasures, she will die! And the only way to save herself, is to subject herself to humiliation and degradation that she's never thought possible.

This film includes voiceovers, fighting, face punching, belly punching, low blow, bearhug, backbreaker, choking, nightmare gas, XO, groping, unmasking, topless bareness, whipping with cat tail whip, electric torture, ball gag, fondling and groping, oral pleasure through the heroine's costume, simulated pleasure, various other simulated adult situations, and more! Running time 64 minutes.


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