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Fallen Angel


Superiorgirl is lead into an ambush from 2 of her deadliest enemies. She struggles to defend herself, unaware of the mastermind pulling the strings from behind the scenes.


The Captured Superiorgirl is tormented by her captors, as they put beat, shock, and abuse the heroine, inside and out.

Having been further weakened, humiliated, and degraded by her captors, Superiorgirl is rented out to her captor's guests to be used as they please. Once Superiorgirl's humiliation is complete, her captors stream a video of the heroine's final, brutal, and perhaps fatal degredation.

Contains: Civilian Identity, Chlor Peril, Superhero Transformation (shirt rip), Heat Vision, Beatdown, Bearhugs, Low Blows, Choke Hold, Stomach Kicks, Backbreaker, Cradle Carry, Kropty-Peril, 2-on-1, Debooting (one foot), AOH Bondage, Escrima Sticks, Electric Torture, F/F Fondling, F/F Krypto-Toy Torture (simulated), Group Sim Sex, BJs (simulated), Forced Orgasms, Groping, Costume Destruction, Battle Damage, Gratuitous Fluids & Cumshots, Nudity, Krypto-Goo, Permanent Ending. Running time 84 minutes.


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