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SilverBat: Prey


Infuriated at vigilantes targeting his business, villainous gang leader Black Skull decides to strike back. The first vigilante in his crosshairs is SilverBat. Lured into an ambush, SilverBat is beaten, groped, captured, and humiliated before eventually being turned into a sexual plaything for Black Skull and his allies. But that's not enough. Black Skull vows that SilverBat is just the first of many.

Containts: Beatdown, Face Blows, Belly Punching, Low Blows, Groping, KOs, Unmasking, Sim Sex, Sim BJ, Sim Spit-Roast, Slapping, Topless Nudity, Chloro Attacks, Dragging, Electric Shock, and more!


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